Norwegian Constitution Day

- Serendipity in Sydney -

Norwegian Constitution Day-celebration in Sydney 🇳🇴 @monamariee #serendipity #martharoundtheworld

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This year I thought that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate the Norwegian constitution day (the 17th of May) the traditional way. I really wanted to, but the cruise-event arranged by ANSA was fully booked, so I had planned my day to just sightsee around the city on my own. While checking into my accommodation, I randomly approached Mona who coincidentally was Norwegian too, and she was on her way to the public 17th of May celebration in St. James that I initially didn't know about at all. I thought, perfect why not?!

Eventually I found myself amongst a big group of friendly strangers, walking around the streets of Sydney with our waving flags, singing by the Opera house and genuinely being proud Norwegians in Australia. The day proceeded with champagne by the harbour, dinner at The Rocks and hanging out till late at night by the promenade gardens. 

I had such a great time and I’m very grateful for the people I met that day. I couldn't ask for a better first day back in Sydney after eight years.