Exploring Gozo Island

- Gozo Island Excursion pt. 1/3 -

Did you know that The Maltese archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino? Malta is the main, and largest island, and the cultural, commercial and administrative centre. Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural, and characterised by fishing and agriculture. And then there is Comino, which is a small island between the two that is more or less uninhabited. It’s got one hotel, and the main reason people go there is to see the Blue Lagoon.

While in Malta, we decided to spend one full-day exploring Gozo, which was quite the journey. We took a two-hours or so bus ride to Ċirkewwa and then a ferry over to Mġarr (Gozo). We wanted to see as much as possible, and since we were quite time constraint we decided to book a private taxi for the day who took us around the whole island, to all the places on our “Gozo bucket list”. At the end of the day the driver drove us back to Mġarr where we managed to catch the next ferry back to Valletta just in time. I don’t think it was a cheap choice, and I personally wouldn’t recommend it if you’re traveling on a budget, but I’m still happy we did it as we got to see so much considering the time that we had. It was also a nice way to avoid bus queues, big groups of tourists and just explore each attraction at our own pace and in our own company.

First stop from Mġarr was Victoria (also known as Rabat), which is the capital of Gozo Island. I swear I felt like I was back in the knight and shining armour-era. Wandering around the streets felt like browsing through the history books from middle school.

We had lunch at the rooftop of Ta' Rikardu Restaurant, situated in the centre of Cittadella before we explored the fortified city itself. Amazing views all around, and a unique history attached to the place. After that we drove to our second stop, which was Marsalforn Bay. I had no idea where or what this was, but the driver insisted it was the most popular resort on the island - well, good to know anyway I guess. Onto the next place: the salt pans!