Azenhas Do Mar

In an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in Lisbon for a day, we found ourselves nestled between the ocean and the mountains in this small seaside town called Azenhas Do Mar. Located on a cliff off the coast of Lisbon near Sintra, this heavenly location offers an unforgettable experience to admire the great Atlantic Ocean in its entire splendour.

Only 30km from Lisbon, Azenhas do Mar is easily accessible by train from Lisbon to Sintra and from Sintra take a direct bus. In Sintra we opted for a 20-minutes/ €10 Uber ride to the coast instead as it was the quickest and most comfortable option on this 38°C hot summer day. When we arrived we decided to treat ourselves with lunch at restaurant Azenhas do Mar, a classic fish and seafood restaurant where meals are made in a glass room above the swimming pool and the Azenhas do Mar beach. The food and service was excellent - I had the tagliatelle with scallops and tiger shrimps while Rickie had the octopus and shellfish risotto. A must-try if you’re in the area (and not on a tight budget, because that was not a cheap meal…)

After lunch we walked downstairs to the “pool”, had a drink, and tanned for an hour or two. So relaxing and a perfect way to recharge our batteries for an evening of hiking to Praia da Ursa and Cabo da Roca. A day filled with one incredible scenery after another.