A Weekend in Belgium

My time in Belgium came and went in a flash. We arrived on a Friday and traveled back to London on Sunday, but we still managed to fill the weekend with beautiful sight-seeing, church towers, Christmas vibes, amazing food, and a bit too many Belgium waffles and chocolates. We stayed at Hotel Motel One in Brussels which was really nice and conveniently located in the city centre, with walking distance to pretty much everywhere.

On Saturday we went for a day trip to Antwerp, a city located about 40km north of Brussels. During the weekends the train tickets are half price so that's something to keep in mind if you ever travel to Brussels during the weekend and would like to visit another city nearby. I would definitely recommend Antwerp as I found it really lively, but Ghent and Brugge seems like good options too. Next time! 

Unfortunately, I've been very lazy with taking photos with my DSLR camera as you might have noticed in my previous posts. I promise to be better for my upcoming travels! Until then I'm sharing Rickie's photos mehe.