Breathing Yangon

There are certain places that challenges my endurance more than others. These places requires me to either know how to hold my breath forever or die trying. 

In China, every time I entered a public squat toilet my nose would automatically shut off, like a natural reflex. So now, like Ariel under the sea I can probably dive the Great Barrier Reef without an oxygen mask. Likewise with this market we visited in Yangon. Imagine the smell of fish, rotten meat, durian, sweat and dirt all in one potion. Breathing felt like self-harm. 

But the sights were unique. It was special seeing all these people just going through their daily routines. This market was located in the suburb but travelling around the country we would see this everywhere. Indeed, Myanmar is still a developing country and it's clearly reflected in the local people's lifestyle and their way of doing business.

Ironically, Sophie and I both caught a terrible food poisoning that night, which lasted for the next five day. Eventually I was hospitalised and got IV fluids and antibiotics through my veins, mhm.. We're still not completely sure of the source, because we didn't eat anything from the market. However we bought some mangos from a stand before coming there and it could've been the water that they were washed in or the utensils used. 

Prior to exploring Myanmar my sister warned us both from eating street food. I told her I'd lived in China for almost a year and nothing ever happened to me so I would be fine. I couldn't be more wrong. Hygiene in Myanmar is another level, guys.