A must-try dessert in thailand

So maybe eating street food did put me in the hospital in Myanmar where I got IV fluids and antibiotics injected through my veins. But look who's back a couple of days later at another street food vendor eating coconut ice-cream in Bangkok. That's right I tell you - when it comes to food I'm unstoppable. And this ice-cream was sooo good it deserves a separate mention. The perfect dessert to the pad thai and sticky mango rice I had ten minutes earlier. And a starter for the papaya salad I had after that. When people say I have an appetite of a sumo wrestler, I don't think they're being sarcastic.

The guy in the back wished he had a coconut ice-cream

The coconut ice-cream was the perfect cooler in 35 degrees celsius. Plus it's so affordable ($1.00) and it's sold at literally every corner around Bangkok's markets. A definite must-try!