Last Week in Copenhagen

Christmas season is here! The Danish capital is slowly but surely turning into a winter wonderland. One can tell by the smell of mulled wine and apple cake taking over the city. Although I’m currently in a stressful exams-period, I make sure to give myself a mental break every now and then. So last weekend my sister visited me and we spent some quality time together sightseeing Copenhagen and eating delicious food. I took her to my favourite restaurants, cafés and bars, and we visited a couple of museums.

It was so nice to have her company, because this month has been mentally and emotionally draining. I already wished for this month to end before it even started, for so many reasons. The weather is darker and colder, work keeps piling up and everyone’s busy too. Fortunately my boyfriend’s coming to Copenhagen today - and it’s only eight days left till December, so better and brighter days are ahead (literally ☼).

The best is yet to come

Although November feels never-ending, this semester went by in a flash. In a way it’s sad that my time as a student is coming towards an end, but after almost six years at university I’m ready for a change. Next week I’m packing all my belongings, moving out of my apartment in Copenhagen for three months, flying off to London for a bit and then going home to Norway to spend time with my family. After that I’m traveling to Melbourne to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve, and then I’m off to Southeast Asia where I’ll be based in Saigon for two months for some very exciting reasons, which I’ll probably blog more about later. Thanks for following and stay tuned for more!