Exploring Bergen

My internship this summer sent me on a business trip to Bergen, so I took full advantage and set out to explore the city during the weekend off work. I stayed at Hotel Scandic Strand, situated only 200 meters away from the picturesque Bryggen and overlooking Mount Fløyen. I couldn't have asked for a more central location to maximise my four days of solo-exploration.

Bergen is known as the rainiest city in Norway. While I was there, it had been raining 138 out of 175 days. It rained every single day in the whole month of June! Surprisingly not my visit was no exception, but for some miraculous reason I managed to stay dry during my entire hike up to Mount Fløyen. I even got some sun as I reached the peak. On the way down I took the famous Fløibanen funicular for the sake of experiencing it, but I enjoyed the hike better - less crowded, and free.

Mount Ulriken was next on the itinerary. Ulriken643 Panorama Tour took me to the top of the mountain by cable car in 7 minutes, and the full view of Bergen from the top was just beautiful. Sea, fjords and hills in one scenery easily make Bergen one of the prettiest countries in Norway. 

I hiked all the way down instead of taking the cable car, which I realised half way wasn't the best decision this time. It was a long, tough route covered in slippery mud and it was pouring rain too - definitely not ideal when traveling alone after 6pm. In other words, these were the moments my mom always warned me about. Nevertheless I'm glad I was accompanied by two other hikers who made the experience feel a little bit safer.