Gozo Salt Pans

- Gozo Island Excursion pt. 2/3 -

The Xwejni salt pans are a hidden gem, and a must-visit if you’re in Gozo. It’s believed that these pans have existed since the Roman times, but currently it’s a family-run business, and it’s been so for the past six decades. If you’ve watched the Apprentice U.K., you might’ve heard about it as this place appeared in one of the episodes. I spoke to the owner of the salt shop just across the street, whose husband and father have worked every summer of their lives harvesting the salt. She gave me a brief history of the business, and was very kind and accommodating, and somehow I ended up with bringing home more salt than necessary.

As you can see, it’s got a very unique geologic landscape. And of course I got Rickie to take some photos of me here because #saltbae. At the button is the tiny salt shop I mentioned earlier, where visitors can buy small gift bags of salt, postcards etc. Quite a funny location, kind of reminds me of a house in the Hobbits. Anyway, definitely a recommended place to visit! Just a heads up, I don’t think there are any buses that goes here so you might have to walk for a bit, or opt for a car/ ATV. The place is of course free to visit, but if you have the chance I would encourage you to support the local business by purchasing something from the shop.

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