Simply translated into coziness, 'hygge' is a heart-warming lesson from Denmark that places Danes on the list of the world's happiest people. Their attitudes to life is felt through the 'hygge'-way-of-living - a contagious feeling during our weekend in Copenhagen. We attended our friend's beautiful wedding and the timing worked out perfectly for us to explore a new destination together while we're at it. Although both have been in Copenhagen once before, it was our first time together. 

Nyhavn, Copenhagen. 


We stayed in Nørrebro, a hip area centrally located and perfect for people like us who love a good selection of food places at any time of day. We got a lovely private Airbnb and a good three days to fully enjoy the city. Airbnb is such a great concept and I recommend it to everyone who wants a little different experience than what you would get at a hotel or hostel, or whatever it might be. The website is peppered with accommodations of all styles and I'm sure everyone can find one that fit to theirs. So far I've stayed in one in Tokyo,  Shanghai and now Copenhagen - and each time I''ve been really satisfied as each was entire home bookings - where we had the whole place for ourselves. Not to mention, if you're extra lucky the host will give you plenty of local recommendations and useful information to maximise your stay before they hand you over the keys - and the satisfying feeling of being home away from home.