Hello there! Here's a few of my favorite shots from my trip to Kyoto in January. I actually started this blog post one month ago, but somehow it never got posted. Time flies so fast, I have no idea how we're in the middle of April already. I'm sorry it has come to the point where I'm so far behind on my travel updates, but if you have been following me on IG you know that I've been traveling quite a lot since February and in between I've been studying and writing exam papers... so needless to say I have had other priorities. But I'll do my best to catch up in the next few days!

Visiting Kiyomizu temple, walking through the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrines, exploring the Gion district, Arashiyama bamboo forrest and Tenryū-ji temple, were some of the activities we got to do during our three days in Kyoto. Out of all the Japanese cities I've visited so far (Tokyo, Osaka, Nara and Hakuba), Kyoto is my favorite. So beautiful, and too many things to see so there's no doubt I'll be back one day to explore the rest.