The Little Monks of Bagan

They say early bird catches the worm. This is especially true for Bagan, where you'll miss out on half the experience if you don't rise with the sun. Not only will you witness an amazing sunrise from the top of a pagoda, but also catch the morning meditation at the monetries in town. This is where the monks collect their daily alms, also known as food donations from the local community - and it's a sight not to be missed!

The iconic monks of Bagan 

During this early morning, Sophie and I met a friendly local who was so kind to guide us around and show us some of the unique pagodas in the area. The people in Myanmar are very approachable, but in a very friendly and non-tacky manner. Since they're mainly interested in practising their English, we as tourists also get to learn so much about their history, for free. It's a real win-win situation.