During our week in Hong Kong, we decided to take a day-trip to Macau which is an hour boat trip away. Macau is very similar to Hong Kong in the way that the government is independently set up, yet it's still connected to the Chinese mainland. Did you know that in Macau the revenues from casinos make up more than half of the economy, hence being globally known as the "Vegas of China"? Such a true mecca of gambling and glitz.

Once we arrived in Macau we took a taxi into Macau Old Town where we started our sightseeing with strolling through St Lazarus Quarter and ‘Senado Square’, witnessing picturesque Portuguese-style architecture. Of course we saw the Ruins of St. Pauls, which was unsurprisingly packed with tourists. We also went to the Museum of Macau, which was actually less crowded despite it being one of the main highlights.

Having heard so much about it, we decided to check out the The Venetian Macau. It was situated quite far away from Old Town so we took a taxi to get there before returning to Hong Kong. The luxury hotel and casino is a replica of its sister casino resort in Las Vegas and if I'm not wrong, it's the biggest casino in the world. I still haven't been to Las Vegas, but I can imagine how grande it must be considering what I witnessed in Macau. However, places like this, for me, just feels so superficial and it's not really something that fascinates me (except the fact that they probably spend billions and billions of dollars building it, because wow...) Now I'm also a person who will never understand the purpose of gambling or the need to spend ridiculous amount of money on stuff, so perhaps this is more of a place for those who do. Nice to have seen anyway, but once is enough.

Also, I know I haven't been updated the blog as much as I originally planned to but there are so much more coming, so please be patient with me. Next post, Japan!