Copenhagen: A New Chapter Begins

- New beginnings -

And so it continues. These so-called new journeys I keep setting out on, where I pack all my belongings, move to a new city in a new country, and confuse people about where in the world I'm at and about what I'm doing in my life.  

Ever since I went on exchange to China two years ago, I've been living on the fast lane and somehow everything that has happened in between feels like a big blur. Just today I realised that it's been five months ago since I submitted my bachelor's thesis! How is it that I've graduated from university, completed a three-months summer internship in Stavanger, and started my master's in Copenhagen already?

It's been some hectic periods, but fast-forward to where I am right now and I couldn't be happier about how all things turned out. I'm currently settled in a bright new apartment in Copenhagen, enrolled in the fifth best entrepreneurship course in the world at CBS, surrounded by creative, like-minded people from all corners of the world who inspire me to be myself, be courageous and to fulfil my full potential. In other words, I'm really excited about the future and I look forward to document some of my upcoming experiences on this little blog of mine.