Chinese New Year in Beijing

- Peking City -

The last two days in Beijing I spent on my own, wandering among millions of people in a new, unfamiliar city. A déjà vu from my first time solo travelling in Shanghai, except this time it was in the midst of the biggest Chinese celebration of the year and everywhere was packed with people. I felt a bit nervous staying an extra couple of days after my travel partner left, and I considered to just book my flights straight back to campus and get comfortable there until uni started again. But I'm so glad I didn't, because I had an unforgettable Chinese New Year's Eve with the coolest people that I met during my stay. On the 7th we went for dumplings, which I learnt is a very common dish in North China during CNY. It is believed to bring prosperity to the new year. And because I was in a feast-mode as usual, I introduced them to my absolute favorite roasted peking duck the same evening, which is Beijing's signature dish. I'm shameless to say that that was my third duck in three days.

Sleepwalking in a food coma, we then went to Hou Hai Lake to watch the fireworks and ring in the New Year of the Monkey. We ended up on a rooftop bar where we got a great panorama view. Despite getting loads of fireworks ashes on our heads because we were a bit too high up, the night was such a bliss! Sharing moments like these with people who I've literally just got to know was such a memorable experience and it makes me feel proud of the receptive person that I've become since I moved away from home. I think growing up in Norway got me so used to being reserved and shy/ sceptical to 'the unknown' that now I'm just rebelling - and loving it. It's been great to meet and talk to people regardless of where they're from, what languages they speak or whether we've met before or not. For me, every person I've met on the travelling road has taught me something new about their culture, inspired me in one way or another and contributed to my increasingly open mindset. 

Here's a quick video I put together to show you some of the scenes from the night. I have so much footage from all my travels that I don't know what to do with them all. Hopefully you'll enjoy little clips like these, because I've got much more in store.

Cheers for a Happy New Year!