The Great Wall of China

- Photo diary: Beijing pt. 2 -

The Great Wall of China

What an experience. The feeling of hiking the Great Wall of China felt surreal that day with clear blue skies, fresh air and no signs of a human traffic jam. We were blessed with amazing weather during our whole stay in Beijing, considering these were the conditions in Beijing just a couple of days after we left. 

The Forbidden City

Located in the heart of Beijing, The Forbidden City is known as the former imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. To be honest I didn't expect the palace complex to be so insanely huge. It felt like we were walking for an eternity before even nearing the end, in which we eventually never got to because we were running out of time.

Summer Palace

Our final stop together was to the Summer Palace, located about a 50-minutes metro ride outside the city centre. I had heard so much about it so it was definitely a place that I've been wanting to visit. This place was huge as well, and we kept getting lost and ending up at different directions. Nevertheless it was a beautiful and well-preserved attraction even during the winter despite its name. The lakes were frozen, the sun was shining and 'Reflections' by Mulan kept playing in my head. Good day, good company and epic adventures overall!