Warming up in Southeast Asia

A long break from winter this winter break was exactly what I needed. As you might know, winter in Scandinavia is long and cold with the only short thing being daylight. I'd been planning my frost-escape since October so needless to say I was more than ready for sun, seas and cities in Southeast Asia - and a full month of it. 

My first stop was Hong Kong for a week with a day-trip to Macau, followed by a reunion with Taiwan for three days. Next I was off to Japan again to finally explore Kyoto, Osaka and Nara in altogether six days, before traveling to the Philippines for the first time, visiting my sister in Manila and experiencing the white beaches of Boracay Island. The last five days in Asia was spent exploring the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Thailand. Without a doubt, it's been an amazing start of 2018 and I'm looking forward to sharing more photos from each of the places I've been to in the next few days!