Back in Europe

I just wanted to post a quick update before starting my blogging spree with updates from Hong Kong, South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo & Hakuba), Thailand (Phuket & Bangkok) and of course China! I realised I haven't actually shared very many experiences of my nine months in the mainland. I also have a few more photos from Myanmar (Inle Lake) that I'd like to share, and hopefully, at some point share some food and accommodation experiences from around the world, as there are so many good ones I've come across.

Meanwhile, I recently came back from a weekend in London. My itchy feet can only be still for so long before I start flying off again. Updates on what I did in London are coming up next while my memory is still fresh. Many more travels are coming up for the summer and I'd like to do more live updates then, rather than catching up on them three months later heh. But with that said, I'm really excited for what's up next because July and August are looking good. Thanks for following my jetset journey, I promise to dedicate a little bit more time on this mini blog in the future. 

Oxford Street, London