Singapore by Night

- If you only had 16 hours in Singapore, what would you do? - 

Enjoying the beautiful lights and hoping the guy wasn't running away with my camera.

Like my ticket from Shanghai to Sydney where I intentionally booked a long layover in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to do the same for my return from Melbourne to Hong Kong. I found a cheap ticket with AirAsia with a long layover in Singapore. Unfortunately the flight times were not as good as the previous, as the flight arrived in the evening and departed in the morning, which gave me minimal daytime to explore. But I can’t complain, because Singapore by night is something really special in itself. The skyscrapers and unique buildings light up the city and reflects the water in Marina Bay. So beautiful!

It took me an hour to walk around the bay because I stopped every twenty footstep to enjoy the view from a new different angle. Same same, but different. Also, it was very nice to just sit down and feel at ease in my own company. If anything, the people were really friendly.

I walked and saw so much in such a short time because I wanted to get the most out of my layover. It got to the point where I worried I would be exhausted for my whole weekend in Hong Kong, but luckily Singaporeans love their food, and so do I - so at least my energy levels were never low for too long. To be fair I probably had plenty of reserved energy from all the family dinners in Melbourne, because those were never-ending. 

Gardens by the Bay

Ok, so funny story. I managed to enter a VIP club and get my way into the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool where a full cocktail party was going on. There I was by myself in my low-key outfit and no makeup on, trying to keep away from drunkies offering me cigarettes. Lol!

Great view from the top - for free!

Similar to my day in Kuala Lumpur, I think I can safely say that long layovers are worth it if you’re on point with your planning and do some pre-research on how to get around (it will save you a lot of time). But also talk to people! Be social. It's not a bad thing, as long as you’re being sensible (not saying I was when I crashed the roof-top party but spontaneous is fun too la...) At least I have a good memory for myself to remember.

Singapore, see you next time!