Space Thoughts

- I'm currently writing this at 43000 feet over the Java Sea -

After I moved out from a shared accommodation into my own flat at the beginning of this year, I found myself having a lot of time and space for myself. I loved having flatmates and I still kept up with the social interaction, but I also needed more alone time to reflect on this crazy journey of mine.

So lately I’ve taken a lot of time to think about these past eight, almost nine months. On how much I’ve travelled since last summer - not just literally but mentally; how much I’ve grown as a person. I’ve reflected on the ups and downs. On past traumatic experiences, like Chinese squat-toilet encounters, and little kids who casually took a poop next to me inside of the metro in Nanjing. On culture shock. How it’s such a funny thing and how I never imagined I could physically feel it (or smell it) that bad. Surely what didn’t kill me has made me stronger, even when death felt like a mere sniff away.

But no honestly, what a journey this has been. I look back at this experience and I feel so proud and grateful for everything. All the friends I’ve made along the way, all the stamps in my passport, all those serendipitous moments and life-changing opportunities. All the new skills and knowledge I’m bringing home with me. Everything, good and bad - they all happened for a reason and I just know that those reasons are more profound, and I’m so excited. My time in China might be over for now, but the best is always yet to come right?