Sunset River Cruise

- Appreciating a beautiful sunset enriches your life beyond the moment -

On our final day in Bagan, Sophie and I along with some friends that we met on our journey, decided to book a private sunset cruise on the Ayeyarwady River. I found the number of a boat driver in the hostel's notice board and thought I'd give him a call. It seemed a bit dodgy at first, as we had to drive to a specific location about half an hour away, meet the guy and 'follow him'. But needless to worry, we ended up at a beautiful little garden by the river where we had a drink before boarding the boat. 

For 20 000 kyats, or $16 we got the whole boat for ourselves for about two and a half hours. Although it would be a lie to say that it was the most stunning sunset I've seen, it was a lovely experience. It was cloudy indeed, but at least it wasn't raining!

What I really loved about this boat trip is that at one point they'll shut off the motors and let the boat drift down the river with the current, and end up back to where we started. It was such a nice calm and I'm so happy we did it. I recommend it to anyone planning to visit Bagan in the future.