Sydney Harbour Sunrise

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If there’s a list of things I’ve been actively chasing on my travels, it would be tall buildings, temples, scenic spots, and the sun.

On my last day in Sydney I decided to wake up at 5:30AM to catch the sunrise by the harbour, because if not now, when? I didn't plan this initially, but when I went to one of the docks to go to Manly Beach the previous day, I was recommended to go in the early hours instead to catch a better view. Probably one of the best advices yet. I met a lovely British girl the day before who kept me company. So glad to meet new people on my travels!

Sunrises and sunsets waits for no one, so it was essential that we didn’t miss the ferry. Fortunately we made it just in time as it was about to depart and the guys there were so nice to let us on even though we didn’t have enough time to purchase the tickets. A free ride to Manly with the most stunning view. 

When we arrived In Manly we had a delicious pancake breakfast at The Pantry, which was situated just along the beach. 

A delicious breakfast with a view.

We took the fast ferry back after strolling around Manly for a bit, because I wanted to walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge in time before my flight departed to Melbourne. I’m so glad the timing worked out fine and that I can tick this off my bucket-list. The bonus is that it had ‘height’, ’scenery’ and ‘sun’ all in one day!