Siem Reap, Cambodia

When I was younger, I always used to visualise myself in different places around the world. Stand on top of the Eiffel Tower, swim in the Mediterranean sea, walk on the Great of China, eat sushi in Tokyo… Throughout the years, these visions have turned into reality and every time I’m in that moment I feel so happy and grateful, because it feels like everything and everywhere is a reachable destination. For me, traveling to Cambodia and watching the sunrise in Angkor Wat felt a little like that again.

Although there are still so many more places in Cambodia I want to see, three days in Siem Reap was a good place to start. We (my best friend, Sammie and I) experienced the sunrise, received blessings from the temple runs, tuk-tuked around the city with the sweetest driver, ate with locals in a rural village, feasted at the night markets, visited endless museums and sights to learn more about the unique history of the country, met interesting people from all around the world, and the list goes on. An unforgettable trip is so many ways. Short, but sweet.

We met our tuk-tuk driver on our first day of arrival and he took us around everywhere we wanted to go for three days straight. He drove us to his family’s village and we ate local food, prepared in a very local way as you can see. He shared so many stories and perspectives on life that made me really reflect on myself and my life. This part of the trip was definitely the most cherishable one. I can’t quite describe it. Just experiencing this trip and my two months in Vietnam… I mean, wow. What a life you and I are living.

There are still so many other stories I haven’t told (like how I was literally half-blind the whole time in Cambodia), but I’m going to keep this post short. The fact that I managed to squeeze out a few sentences and not just upload a bunch of photos is already progress for me and my blog. Stay tuned for many, many more. P.S. The story behind this photo is pretty surreal. Need to finish the book I’m holding in my hand, and then you just might hear about it later.

Around the world 2019

Hello, April and welcome spring! The most beautiful season.

I just wanted to make a quick update on my travels. 2019 has been a pretty fulfilling year for me so far with many different things going on in different places. I have loads of pending updates from Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia and my layover in Qatar, as well as more recent events happening in Norway, Sweden and Denmark during March. Currently, I’ve been spending the last couples of weeks in London (more to be announced) and I have an upcoming trip to Hannover and Braunschweig (Germany) later this month. There will also be some exciting events coming up later this year but first things first: to see what to definitely expect on the blog in the near future, here’s a little picture-summary/ itinerary of recently visited places.

Copenhagen - Doha - Melbourne


Sài Gòn - Cần Thơ - Vĩnh Long

Phú Quốc

Siem Reap

Phú Yên (Sông Cầu & Tuy Hòa) - Đà Nẵng - Hội An - Nha Trang - Đà Lạt 

Oslo - Copenhagen - Malmö - London - braunschweig

Considering the fact that I’m currently writing my master’s thesis, I don’t have time to blog about each place but I’m happy to share more photos slowly but surely. Thanks for those who actually visit my blog and find it inspiring, even though I’m a terrible blogger. Sharing about my adventures is definitely something I enjoy doing, but the timing isn’t great right now so don’t expect too much (hehe). Happy Monday!