A day-trip to Hvar

One of my favourite destinations of our Croatia trip was Hvar, a paradise island one hour away from Split by high-speed ferry. It is located in the centre of the Adriatic sailing routes and is apparently known as Croatia’s most happening island and prime destination for celebrities and luxury travellers. With big yachts parked at every corner of the harbour and fancy cocktail parties on the beach, I’m not surprised. However, the island felt humble and serene, and it was actually one of the most relaxing moments of the holiday.

Having spent a few days in Dubrovnik and Split which was crowded by tourists, Hvar was a nice little escape. Once we arrived, the first thing we did was to hike up to the Fortress Fortica Španjola to soak in the beautiful city view from above. Another zig-zag hike, but no where near as tiring as the one up Mount Srd. We then went down to explore more of city centre and eventually got lost in the charming alleyways. After the active part of the trip was completed, we made our way to Hula Hula bar for a drink & dip, and then continued our sun lounge evening at a spot near Podstine beach.

The walk from Hvar harbour to the beach was about two kilometres along the coast. The scenery was stunning and the crystal clear water more so. We ended up staying for almost five hours until we eventually got hungry and had to start looking for a place to dine. Typical us.

Back in the city centre there were hundreds of restaurants to choose from, but we decided to go for a place called Junior, which was recommended by a local guy we met. The atmosphere here was really nice and the food was authentic and delicious, and the prices were decent. After dinner we went back to the harbour to watch the sunset before getting the ferry back to Split. It was a perfect ending to our short visit to Hvar.

Hello, Croatia!

Summer in Norway is coming to an end, so I extended it in Croatia. After working every day for three months straight this summer, all I could think of by the end of it was that I really needed a vacation (and yes, as a student this full-time work life is still a bit out of my ordinary). And as much as Norway had amazing weather this year, which fortunately my job allowed me to seize as much as possible - I couldn’t wait to travel abroad!

I booked this trip back in April so needless to say it was a long time coming. But knowing that I’d be having a good time in Croatia by the end of my internship kept me motivated and focused on doing a good job, so that I could really enjoy the holiday with a good conscience. Life is fun when you always have something to be excited about, right?

With that being said, sorting out all the photos I took from the trip always takes the longest time, especially now that I’ve moved back to Copenhagen and started uni again. However, this week I’m determined to share more of Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar - because this Friday, I’m off to my next destination. Stay tuned ☼