Melbourne City Reunion

Melbourne was the first oversea destination that I ever travelled to in my life. It has always been one of my favourite cities, and it felt so good to finally be back again after eight years. It was extra exciting to re-explore the city with my aunt who was so kind to take me around everywhere I wanted to go while I was visiting. So many fresh sights!

Flinders Street Railway Station in central Melbourne.

Road trips, mountain hiking, shopping, endless café-crawling and eating at delicious restaurants, sightseeing, going to the cinemas, rooftop bars.. I can say it was a week full of content. 

A Shoreditch in Melbourne, Hosier Lane

Overall it was so good to see my family again after so long, and especially my grandma who is getting old (but never too old to make me eat every ten minutes.) I’m not sure when I will be back in Australia, but for now there are many other countries on my list that I want to explore first. I’m just so happy I actually managed to tick it off my bucket list for 2016!

Great Ocean Road Trip

- The 12 Apostles -

While in Melbourne I got to experience the Great Ocean Road by car. Another check on my bucket list! The day was spent exploring Lorne, Apollo Bay and Port Phillip Bay in addition to the 12 Apostles. It was a great travel through Victoria's West, capturing beautiful natural sceneries from early morning to sunset. 

Pit stop in Apollo Bay for some nice seafood lunch

Kudos to my aunt for taking this photo. She knows how to keep that angle straight.

The scenery at the 12 Apostles was very beautiful, but honestly I felt a bit disappointed overall. There were no where close to twelve apostles left. In fact I think I only counted six and a half thanks to global warming. My postcard is a bit outdated indeed, but oh well it was a lovely day catching up with my family.