Next stop, Nanjing!

- Say yes to new adventures -

A short hour has passed since I finished my first exam for this semester, and I’m currently on the train on my way to Nanjing. I’m not sure how smart of a decision this is considering my next and final exam is in two days. But at the same time I feel very relaxed and confident that I’ll be OK. Speaking of taking full advantage of this rare situation and the opportunity to explore a new city during my remaining four days in China. 

It’s a funny feeling of wanderlust and desperation, I think, mixed with a dash of “Yolo”-attitude as I try to squeeze in another travel at this period of time where everyone are stressing about exams. But I can’t help but ask if not now, when? Nanjing has always been on my bucket list and on top of that I’ve been craving a solo-experience outside of Ningbo as of late. This is the perfect mid-week get-away to destress and recharge the batteries if you ask me! We should all do this more often. I should’ve done this more often.

I got a few things on the agenda in Nanjing, other than that I'm just going to do spontaneous sightseeing. Regardless, I'm excited!