The Streets of Valletta

Sometimes life takes you down roads you never thought you’d wander, literally. Going to Malta was, to be honest, never a place I thought I’d go any time soon. Not because I didn’t like it, but for the similar reason as many, I hadn’t heard much about it. But when I got invited to explore the island nation I didn’t think twice. With my constant state of wanderlust, nowhere is too foreign.

Valletta is perhaps Europe’s most underrated capital city. With a population of barely 6000 people, it ranks as the second smallest in the continent. Despite being located in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily, Malta isn’t as well-known nor touristy as Italy. For sustainable reasons, I think that’s a blessing in disguise. I arrived in Valletta at night, so it wasn’t until the next morning when I looked out of our apartment window in St. Christopher's Street that I realised how mesmerising this city was. The colourful wooden Maltese balconies are truly unique, and wandering around the streets on a gloomy day felt like going back in time.

- All roads lead to the sea -

It’s common to get lost in foreign places when you’re aimlessly walking around. However, getting lost in Valletta won’t be a problem because there is only so far you can go in one direction before you reach the seaside. In other words, it’s a small city!